night sky

ok already.

that feeling has passed. :)
right after my first coffee of the day, although i had to have a 3-button cup (maximum beans-strength!!!).

maybe just had a not so good start of the day, then i left it to drag on.
oh well...

brought back work to do for tonight... better get a start on it soon! :)
night sky

real entry

i feel tired today.


like "meh..." kindda tired.
just feel.... blah....

everything at work is ok, tho... things are going nicely and all.... kindda....

think i just need some good old stress-free rest and start tomorrow with a nice fresh cup of coffee. :)
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night sky


i've always wanted to be a dj!

check out this tape mix i did, just for fun on facebook...


For some reason... when i try and play it back here, it doesnt load/play smoothly- which sucks big time.
This link might be better, i'm not sure.

ps. just 5 tracks, but it's a little club-y... like in intro into the weekend kind of mix. cheers! ;)